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Illegal poll votes

nils    (Nov 22 2013)      3          293
Categories: Updates

Some users have tried mass voting in the most recent poll. This is not allowed and votes that are tagged as "fake" are removed within 24 hours. Also, users that do these kind of things will be blocked from voting in future polls and possibly other things as well.
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Winter Update 2013 - 3rd teaser

nils    (Nov 21 2013)      0          540
Categories: News

CipSoft released yet another teaser - of course, we got the pics ready for you right here.

(hover with mouse to preview, click to enlarge images)

"Terror Sleep"


"Sight of Surrender"


"Retching Horror"


"GuzzleMaw and FrazzleMaw"




"Shock Head"


"Demon Outcast"


"Choking Fear"


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Winter Update 2013 - 2nd teaser

nils    (Nov 19 2013)      0          464
Categories: News

Here are a couple of more images from the upcoming winter update of 2013, this time for the second teaser.

(hover with mouse to preview, click to enlarge images)




"The Mines"




"Damaged Bridge"


Dream warden outfit

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Winter Update 2013

nils    (Nov 13 2013)      0          576
Categories: News

Here are a couple of images from the upcoming winter update of 2013. Enjoy!

(hover with mouse to preview, click to enlarge images)

"Ruined House"


"Starting Area"


"The Giant Traverse"


"Ruined City"


"The Wall"


Conceptual Art


"Surreal Ruins"

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Winners of the fansite item competition

nils    (Nov 11 2013)      7          507
Categories: Updates, Fansite Contests

Out of a 100+ submissions we have finally picked 3 winners with the help of our site admins and the tibia CMs.

The 3 winners of the fansite item competition are as following...

#1. Jade Amulet
Created by: Ark11
A beautiful piece of pixel art that conveys a sort of mystical presence. Embellished with carefully placed outlines of golden streaks makes this item pleasant to look at and a must-have in any household!


#2. Almanac of Fame
Created by: Combi


#3. Ascension Sword
Created by: LupusAurelius


We will contact the winners of the competition soon, so be sure that your registered e-mail on your TibiaHof account is correct. A list of the prizes you will receive can be viewed here. The winners will also each receive a TibiaHof badge.

Thanks to all who participated in the fansite item competition! Picking just three out of over 100 submissions was a very difficult task, but we are happy with how unique the items were and how imaginative the Tibian community can be.

Stay tuned for more competitions to come!
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Introducing new feature: Badges

nils    (Nov 10 2013)      0          625
Categories: Updates

What are Badges?

A badge is a proof that you as a Tibian player and TibiaHof user has achieved greatness - whether it be winning in one of our contests, achieving status on the site, being in the highscores, etc.

What do they look like?

The badge is a 32x32px image icon. Each badge image is unique and is displayed on several places on the site; such as on your personal profile, forum posts, community pages, and more.

Badges looks like this:


Only five badges can be displayed at each time. For example, up to 5 badges will be displayed on your user profile.

How do I mine a badge???

By the end of every month we create badges that we distribute to users, as well as announce it in a news article. We only generate a limited amount of badges at a monthly rate, usually 5-10 badges.

You are most likely to gain badges the more active you are in the community.

What kind of Badges are there?

There are basically five types of badges:
  • Super Rare - only one badge of this kind exists
  • Rare - 2 to 9 badges exist of this kind.
  • Semi-Common - 10 to 29 badges exist of this kind
  • Common - 30 to 49 badges exist of this kind
  • Very Common - 50+ badges exist of this kind


The three winners of the fansite item competition will win one badge each:


Each such badge is Super Rare, i.e. they are unique and thus there is only 1 of its kind.

Check out a list of all badges here.

You can always find a list of all badges if you go to Community > Badges.

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