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TibiaHof: into the future - version 3.0

nils    (Jun 24 2014)      476          1542
Categories: Updates

TibiaHof has grown a lot since it saw the world wide web in 2012. Currently we track over 45k characters adding up to over 1.7kk activities as well as 947 images, 875 tagged characters, 1k users, just to mention a few things.

Soon is the time for TibiaHof to take it to the next level, to move into the future, with the upcoming version 3.0 of the website.

The website will be completely redesigned to focus on the core functionalities we have to offer and get rid of some of the bloat.

Amongst some of the changes are:
  • Ads will be removed completely.
  • New graphical revamp to better adjust to different screen resolutions and give an overall more modernized and cleaner look.
  • Some functionality will be removed as we will focus more on the important features that makes TibiaHof great.
  • The forum will be more visible and easier to find.
  • Faster load times and more streamlined user experience.

This will mark the 2nd redesign. We have no words on exactly when the new version of the website will become available, but we will post more updates as we progress toward the future.
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Password synch fixed

nils    (Mar 20 2014)      483          1533
Categories: Updates

Hello Tibians,

The password synching between My Pages and the forum has been fixed.

You should now be able to change your password and be able to login to both My Pages and the forum.
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Winners of the Lore of the Jade Amulet contest

nils    (Feb 23 2014)      492          2292
Categories: Fansite Contests

Many stories have been written about the origins and lore of the Jade Amulet, but ultimately three winners arises as victorious.

The list of prizes can be found here. Winners will soon be contacted via PM and email.

1st Prize Winner - Gold

gold.gif Ark11 - Story of the Jade Tiger gold.gif

Ark11 tells the story of Bashka, the Jade tiger that protects Tiquanda. The very heart of Bashka, the jade stone, was crafted into the Jade Amulet by Bashka's prophet, Merlkin. The Jade Amulet was imbued with the wisdom and strength of Bashka, giving rise to the Hall of Fame - a place to commemorate the spirit of Bashka.

Jury motivation: A well-written and unique take on the origin story of the Jade Amulet, accomplished by beautifully crafted story cards. A great amount of work was put into this story. It truly puts together some of the qualities we can find in the Jade Amulet, that of wisdom and strength, this story showed that.

2nd Prize Winner - Silver

silver.gif eamsamaraka - Story of Princess Lumina Demonbane silver.gif

eamsamaraka tells the story of Lumina Demonbane, a princess who fought and banished the Triangle of terror with the help of the Jade Amulet. The Jade Amulet itself was a creation by Fardos, a sacred weapon and gift to mankind, a symbol of dignity, purity, and willpower.

Jury motivation: An epic story that puts the Jade Amulet in between the wars of the Triangle of Terror and the Tibians. In just under 500 words it has everything: strong characters, epic battles, and the Jade Amulet to guide Tibians in the right direction.

3rd Prize Winner - Bronze

bronze.gif adivali22 - Story of three sorcerer brothers bronze.gif

adivali22's lighthearted story of the three sorcerer brothers Fernando, Feizander, and Furbello. In celebration of their promotion to master sorcerers, one of them will be awarded the love of Jade Ivoreth. In doing so, mischevious things happen and they are banned from practising magic but once a year. They craft the Jade Amulet from a spike plant and give it to Jade and vow to never let...
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Last chance to join Lore of the Jade Amulet contest!

nils    (Feb 16 2014)      475          1639
Categories: Fansite Contests

The Lore of the Jade Amulet contest is running until 17th February, 23:59:59 CEST (14 hours after server save).

Read more about the contest here!
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Fansite Contest! Lore of the Jade Amulet (3rd - 17nd Feb)

nils    (Feb 01 2014)      492          2431
Categories: News, Fansite Contests

On February 3rd, TibiaHof will be starting their second contest: Lore of the Jade Amulet.

In this contest you will put together a background story on the official fansite item, the Jade Amulet.

On this page you can read the rules and ask questions.

On this page you can submit your story.

Contest Prizes:

1st Prize
  • Jade Amulet. jade_amulet_transparent.gif
  • Rune emblem of choice (see list here).
  • Golden trophy of excellence. Golden_Trophy_of_Excellence.gif
  • + a link to the Jade Amulet page with your story.
  • Fansite Contest Gold Badge

2nd Prize
  • Bronze Necklace. Bronze_Necklace.gif
  • Rune emblem of choice (see list here).
  • Silver trophy of excellence. Silver_Trophy_of_Excellence.gif
  • Fansite Contest Silver Badge
3rd Prize
  • One of the special amulets
    Terra_Amulet.gif (Terra Amulet)
    Magma_Amulet.gif (Magma Amulet)
    Lightning_Pendant.gif (Lightning Pendant)
    Glacier_Amulet.gif (Glacier Amulet)
  • Rune emblem of choice (see list here).
  • Bronze trophy of excellence.
  • Fansite Contest Bronze Badge
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Fansite item: Jade Amulet in game

nils    (Jan 22 2014)      492          1844
Categories: Updates

Breaking news from the world of Tibia, the official fansite item of TibiaHof, the Jade Amulet, has been implemented in game.

Here's what it looks like:


It was designed by Ark11.

Currently there exists two Jade Amulets within the game, but more will become available, as we have some upcoming fansite competitions.

And finally, here's a screenshot of the item in game in its full glory (click to enlarge):

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