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Release of Beta 1.2

nils    (May 10 2012)      482          1221
Categories: Updates

The day has finally come! Today is the official release of the Beta version 1.2. Here's some updates relating to this release:

* Added support for adding mounts to a character
* Added support for adding outfits and addons to a character
* Added support for flagging posted comments
* Added more pages to Community (such as most comments, most uploads, etc.)
* Added support for BBCode and emoticons for comments and articles
* Added support for profile images
* Added support for image albums
* Added support for associating multiple characters with a user at the same time

The summer is just beginning and I think I'm speaking for everyone that we're eagerly awaiting the release of the summer's update. Until then there will be no further major updates of the site, although minor changes and server side stuff will take place. The website is scheduled to be released to the public in the beginning of July.
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Introduction to

Ratboywonder    (May 10 2012)      476          1315
Categories: FAQ is primarily a website created for the purpose of sharing images related to the mmorpg Tibia. It allows you to tag characters from the game in the images, which allows you to traverse the tibia life of a character or an entire guild.

The development of the website started in late 2011 by admin Nils. The basic idea for the website was to have a mechanism for sharing images and tagging characters. From this flourished the website we see today. Alot of work has gone into it and alot of work will be put into it with future updates.

Later in the game came aboard the current admins, Ratboywonder and Martin.

Fredrik plays on the game world of Secura with the character Ratchild.

Martin plays on the game world of Fidera with the character Death Call, even though he used to play on Secura (but switched game worlds because of lag).

Nils plays on the game world of Secura with the character Wax Simulacra.

If you have any ideas for the website, please visit the feedback form or leave your comments below.

We are currently looking for two more admins, so if you think you have what it takes, get into contact with us at!
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Double Exp and Double Skill Training Week

nils    (May 09 2012)      478          1276
Categories: News announced today that after the Server Save on May 10th, free blessings will be removed and instead they will put into place double exp and double skill for a week (May 10th-May 17th)

Another idea floating around was to have a pool of bonus exp that you could use up while hunting. Because of time restraints this could not be implemented, but they regard it as a future possibility in case of severe DDoS attacks.

Either way it seems as if they have the DDoS attacks under control. In my opinion, double exp and double skills is a fairly good compensation for the numerous kicks and downtime. Most people also seem to be happy with it.

An alternative solution would be to wait until summer's update and by that time do the pool of bonus exp idea.

So, will you go out and hunt 24/7? Will you stay at dp/dummies and skill? Or will you just go on like before? Leave your comments in the section below.
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Demon's Lullaby

nils    (May 08 2012)      481          1203
Categories: News

Starting from the recent Server Save the demon mother has come to the surface of Jakundaf Desert to rid of her demon babies so she can have time to have her horns fixed. Thus it is up to you, brave adventurer, to take it upon yourself to keep this demon baby happy and content.

If enough babies are brought back in a happy state, the world will gain increased exp and reduced death penalty.
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Preview game worlds and news regarding the site

nils    (May 05 2012)      477          1185
Categories: News

As announced today at, CipSoft are planning to introduce Preview Game Worlds. These are game worlds in their own right,but they have some special conditions, such as double exp and double skill. They will be similar to the test servers, but they will be available like regular servers, although server resets will be more frequent during times of testing new features of the game.
One of the main issues at the moment is PvP, which is the current focus of the preview game worlds.

The preview game worlds will be released this month (an exact date is not given yet). There will be one american server as well as an european server.

So what do you guys think? Is it a good thing or do you voice any concerns about the supposed role of the preview game worlds? Leave comments in the section below.
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Release date of final version established

nils    (May 01 2012)      485          1210

The final version of the website is set to be released to public one week after the release of the tibia summer update. So expect it to be released sometime in the beginning of July!

Up until then there will still be one or two official beta updates to work through.
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