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#CharacterTagged inViewsOwned byWorld
1.Ouroborous 71581nilsRefugia
2.Mago de Rookgaard61311snowNefera
3.Sigismund 5886GuestSecura
4.Flashano Skon 4971FlashanoLuminera
5.Nils 4664GuestHarmonia
6.Rattractive 3204GuestSecura
7.Spectaculous Carl 21177nilsSecura
8.Luciforms The Great 21057nilsSecura
9.Rasunik Nevah 2971GuestNefera
11.Lara Silverbow 2873GuestSecura
12.Dragon Maggie 2854GuestSecura
13.Undelicious 2725GuestSecura
14.Zozadax 2668eliasfazSecura
15.Vylvex 2661GuestSecura
16.Wax Simulacra 12216nilsSecura
17.Armageddon 11878martinGladera
18.Varteks 11843steniisEstela
19.Berserker Livis 11708WinklerVunira
20.Ely Blademaster 11628elyluvzyaQuintera
21.Selphie 11505TeemoPandaLovesCalmera
22.Nethel 11443GuestCelebra
23.Lazath 11358GuestMonza
24.Hybrus 11349GuestAstera
25.Blessed thunder knight 11336smielingSecura
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