Admin Team

The Admin Team is responsible for handling flagged images and comments as well as writing articles, reporting bugs, and much more.

Site Helpers

Site Helpers are similar to admins, but have limited responsibilities; such as creating graphics, processing reports, writing articles, answering feedback, and so on.


Original graphics

Original Graphics Designer


Flag icons independently created by IconDrawer (see here).
Clock icon independently created by Jack Cai (see here).
Restore icon independently created by webdesignerdepot (see here).
Chat icons independently created by (see here).


Mount and Outfit & Addon graphics downloaded from:
Various Tibia graphics are ripped from the Tibia clients. All graphics taken from the game are copyrighed by CipSoft GmbH.

Special Thanks

Special Thanks to CipSoft for making an awesome game and the supportive Tibia community for keeping it alive!