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Lavas 1,6kk per hr

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Published by:   prime95   (Aug 27 2020)
Category: Skill and Level Advance


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Published by:   prime95   (Sep 14 2020)
Category: Skill and Level Advance

Achievement Lord Of The Elements

 485  |    577

woot woot! Lord of the

Published by:   elyluvzya   (Sep 20 2014)

Demon Helmet Quest Service (Solo)

 237  |    379

Well as a knight
it's difficult to
kill demons as it takes
quite awhile... but,
it's definitely
possible and something
fun to do. :D Just a
before and after picture.

Published by:   TeemoPandaLoves   (Feb 08 2013)
Category: Questing

Level 193!

 209  |    491

After a long time of not
leveling, I finally took
the risk of dying by lags
and got my level!
:3 We went to 4
different hunting grounds
just to find some decent
exp haha finally we both
got our level! :D

Published by:   elyluvzya   (Mar 31 2015)
Category: Skill and Level Advance

My Lady Bug Mount!

 198  |    1904

First person in Shivera
to get the Lady Bug
Mount! :$ I had asked
around if anyone else had
it and there was another
who transfered in with
the mount from a
different server but then
he transfered out.
I'm the first who
actually got it in
Shivera. :$ While my
friend and I were going
around to the hive floors
we looted a buggy
backpack! :D
Tagged Players
Bacteria, Ely Blademaster

Published by:   elyluvzya   (Jan 31 2013)

Old Widow POH Rare Spawn Antica

 196  |    554

Published by:   TheKnightsOfCaledonia   (Feb 26 2016)

Combo Heal

 194  |    1004

Some friends and I
stacking together so my
friend Arclight Kuyen mas
res'd everyone for a
really nice combo heal =)
Published by:   martin   (Jan 23 2013)
Category: Photoshopped

Guild house

 194  |    823

Guild House of players
Veyllor and Little
Cutiesz from Calmera.

Published by:   daviloko   (Feb 12 2013)
Category: Epic Loot

FULL DRUID on a level 34 RP (Samera)

 194  |    3330

Getting full Druid on a
level 34 Royal
Paladin. I payed a BR
20 k to help me with the
hard parts. (I did not
buy gold on any of my
characters. I made all my
money myself)
Tagged Players

Published by:   sebbexs   (Feb 02 2013)
Category: Questing

Do Not Disturb

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Published by:   wyatte   (Jul 16 2018)
Category: Questing

LEVEL 200!

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Published by:   Suki   (Dec 13 2014)
Category: Skill and Level Advance

Conde Mosscuat

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Published by:   Guest   (Mar 21 2019)
Category: Comedy (For The Lulz!)

MLV 11

 193  |    396

Finaly :D

Published by:   AC3E   (Sep 12 2014)
Category: Skill and Level Advance

Achievement Confusion

 193  |    505

after almost a year and
half I'm continuing
to do hive tasks.. gonna
try to get back to doing
it again :P

Published by:   elyluvzya   (Sep 20 2014)

S 0081

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Published by:   Xaluth   (Aug 14 2014)

theputte level 100 higher resolution

 193  |    458

even more awesome
Published by:   theputte   (Oct 30 2012)

Killing Rookstayer level 106

 193  |    3795

The guy was botting
totally afk on Jan 22
2013. Tibiacast
movie: tibiacast:recordi
Tagged Players
Aron shillier, Szwe Azura

Published by:   aronrox   (Jan 29 2013)
Category: Strategy and Tips

Maxilla Maximus loot

 193  |    1061

Checking for the undead
cavebear to tame with my
music box when suddenly a
maxilla! :D

Published by:   martin   (Nov 01 2012)
Category: Epic Loot

Count Toofifti

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Published by:   Guest   (Jan 29 2013)

ancient scarabs task

 192  |    594

failed 3 times to get you
a brooch </3 got a
lot of money from it tho

Published by:   healerson   (Feb 18 2013)
Category: Questing