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Loot from 6666 Demons!

 5  |    6688

Kept all my loot from
6666 demon task, Here it

Published by:   Widgit   (Jan 31 2013)
Category: Epic Loot

Undead Cave Bear!

 4  |    736

I ran a check today to
find 2 (separated by a
screen, i almost had a
heart attack when the
first fled) and taming
the 2nd ! this is my 3rd
try on any undead bears
:) things look bright now
since my fail in
ashmunrah/banuta the
previous day =)

Published by:   martin   (Feb 03 2013)
Category: Photoshopped

Dat Boar!

 4  |    474

Finally adquired this
mount (after trying for a
couple of weeks on
release and being
frustrated) =D

Published by:   martin   (Jan 23 2013)
Category: Questing

Four leaf clover lucky

 4  |    867

Got the four-leaf clover
finally after 2-3 months
of doing Hive ;)

Published by:   nils   (Jun 14 2013)
Category: Skill and Level Advance

My Lady Bug Mount!

 4  |    1554

First person in Shivera
to get the Lady Bug
Mount! :$ I had asked
around if anyone else had
it and there was another
who transfered in with
the mount from a
different server but then
he transfered out.
I'm the first who
actually got it in
Shivera. :$ While my
friend and I were going
around to the hive floors
we looted a buggy
backpack! :D
Tagged Players
Bacteria, Ely Blademaster

Published by:   elyluvzya   (Jan 31 2013)

Warzone 3 Hunt

 4  |    1117

After hunting Warzone 3
for about 4~ hours this
was the major loot :)
Published by:   martin   (Nov 03 2012)
Category: Epic Loot

Up Lv 200

 4  |    2820

Tagged Players
Andarilho Cinzento

Published by:   Guest   (Jan 30 2013)
Category: Skill and Level Advance

Luck at Mahridis

 4  |    2698

Me and my friend got
Shield and Falcon in
about 23 kills.
Tagged Players
Brutus Skullcrusher

Published by:   Widgit   (Feb 02 2013)
Category: Epic Loot

Jaul's Pearl!

 3  |    481

Finally got a Jaul's
Pearl after a lot of
deepling bossing =)
Published by:   martin   (Mar 04 2013)
Category: Epic Loot

FULL DRUID on a level 34 RP (Samera)

 3  |    3027

Getting full Druid on a
level 34 Royal
Paladin. I payed a BR
20 k to help me with the
hard parts. (I did not
buy gold on any of my
characters. I made all my
money myself)
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Published by:   sebbexs   (Feb 02 2013)
Category: Questing

Dragonling Mount

 3  |    460

Me riding my funny
looking dragonling.

Published by:   martin   (Oct 10 2012)
Category: Questing

Tibia Refugia level

 3  |    621

: )

Published by:   Maat1993   (Oct 08 2015)
Category: Skill and Level Advance

Demon Task

 3  |    1802

Just me finishing my
Demon task :D
Tagged Players
Raviel Safer

Published by:   ravielsafer   (Jan 31 2013)
Category: Questing

Maxilla Maximus loot

 3  |    952

Checking for the undead
cavebear to tame with my
music box when suddenly a
maxilla! :D

Published by:   martin   (Nov 01 2012)
Category: Epic Loot

One hitting a dragon

 3  |    3523

Dragon Head Shot
Tagged Players
Jay Rolla

Published by:   JayRolla   (Jan 29 2013)


 3  |    484

Published by:   Aurea   (Mar 15 2013)
Category: Skill and Level Advance

Princess Suki dies!

 3  |    412

Lags...better run into 10

Published by:   martin   (Jun 26 2014)
Category: Comedy (For The Lulz!)

Count Toofifti

 3  |    1080

Published by:   Guest   (Jan 29 2013)

Behemoth Loot Vinera

 3  |    1420

Used 900 sd's, 100
ava, and about 280 great
manas the hunt
wasn't going so well
until i had about 300 sd
runes left XD than it
went crazy before this
point all i has was 1 gs
and trophy
Tagged Players
Wia Snow

Published by:   masterdrruiid   (Jan 31 2013)

Wax level 200

 3  |    457

Ermergerd biggest nub in
the world D:

Published by:   nils   (Nov 15 2012)
Category: Skill and Level Advance


 3  |    297


Published by:   Hephraime   (Sep 06 2013)
Category: Questing