• FULL DRUID on a level 34 RP (Samera)

    • Published by: sebbexs
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    Getting full Druid on a level 34 Royal Paladin. I payed a BR 20 k to help me with the hard parts. (I did not buy gold on any of my characters. I made all my money myself)

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    • Created: May 25 2017
    • By  Guest

    I got shaman at lvl 25 with a paladin, with help of some friends through some difficult parts. But still hilarious. I still have the pic tho, might upload it.

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    • Created: Jul 03 2013
    • By  sebbexs

    Nope, I earned all without bots :)

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    • Created: Mar 10 2013
    • By  Guest

    Premmy scroll <kuch>

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