1. You will have the possibility to upload images as large as 2 MB

    This is more than the usual 1.5 MB which Guest users can use
  2. You get access to content before everyone else does

    New content and new features will only be available for registered users before they are made available for everyone.
  3. You may edit an uploaded images title, description, or tagged characters

    This is not possible as a Guest user.
  4. You can comment on images without having to enter a captcha

    Your comment will also contain a link back to your users profile
  5. You may create Image Albums from individual images

    You can do so simply by pressing Add To Album and choose the album from a drop down menu
  6. You can view your uploaded images, characters, and albums at one place

    Every registered user has a personal profile
  7. You gain 100% control of your Tibia Character profile on this website

    This allows you to add details to your characters profile, as well as remove it from tagged images, and so on. You may add skills, mounts and outfits to your characters profile site.
  8. You may enter contests which hands out prices such as free premium time and more

  9. You may customize the look and feel of the website

    This allows you to view the website according to your specific preferences
  10. Easy, safe, and fast to create an account and login

    Convinced yet? Create a user here!