A History of TibiaHof


TibiaHof was founded in April, 2012 and made an official supported tibia.com fansite in January, 2013.


The main purpose of the website is to provide users a means to share Tibia screenshots as well as tracking the progression of Tibia players. Since its founding the website has grown immensely and been improved and extended with new features over the years.


TibiaHof.com has been ad-free since version 3.0 (released in August, 2014) and intends to stay that way.

Historical events

Other important events in the history of TibiaHof.com are, just to mention a few, the Fansite item contest (Sep, 2013) and the Lore of the Jade Amulet contest (Feb, 2014).

Fansite item

The official TibiaHof fansite item is the Jade Amulet.