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Website Status Update

nils    (Dec 04 2019)      482          2180
Categories: Updates

As previously announced, we are moving the website to a new host provider.

We are starting to move the website on Monday, 9 December. Moving the whole website will take up to 7 days, during this time there is expected to be some intermittent downtime and possibly services temporarily not working, such as e-mail.

Update, 18th December:
We have now moved the website to a new hosting provider. There are still some things left to do, so parts of the website won't work 100% as expected. However, we are working on making sure it does! Once everything is back to normal and stable again, we will inform you =)

Update, 16th March:
There are some uptime issues with the website due to some technical server errors due to the new hosting provider. We are working to resolve this, but it has been a somewhat problematic process. The website is currently up and running again but it might be subject to intermittent downtime unfortunately. Once again, we will inform you when everything is back to normal.

Best regards, Nils
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