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Summer vacation @

nils    (Jun 27 2018)      954          2886
Categories: News

All right, so summer is blazing and it's time to take a break and enjoy the summer while it lasts =) Here in Sweden we have a few good hot days and many rainy days during the summer.

We will return after the summer with some more updates of the website. Until then, have a good vacation!
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Statement of the website - 15th May 2018

nils    (May 15 2018)      470          2378
Categories: News

Hi again,

As some of you might have read or heard, the website is no longer listed as an officially supported fansite at As it stands right now, the website is an unofficial Tibia fansite.

Just to get it out of the way: TibiaHof will still exist and work the same way as it did before. The only difference is we are no longer officially supported by the tibia fansite program.

The reason behind this is due to lack of time to fully nurture the website. I am not available to keep in contact with the fansite program. So we decided to leave the fansite program and exist as an independent unofficial fansite.

When I started the website back in 2012 I was attending university and had a lot of spare time to work on the website and improve it. As time has passed I've had less time to focus on the website.

What about the future?

The website will live on and will see some new cool features along the way. I have one new feature in mind that I would like to implement sometime this year, which will be the Best Players of Tibia. It will rank the best players (based on level, achievement points, skills, loyalty, etc); these players will be listed on the start page as well. You could say that those players will become the true heroes of the Hall of Fame :)

So stay tuned for more updates and take care!
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Congratulations, Kharsek

nils    (Aug 02 2016)      483          2316
Categories: News

Congratulations to Kharsek who has now breached level 999 and now has access to the level 999 gate of expertise in Banuta.

The comment on Kharsek's player profile says:
04:32 You have found a backpack. Weighing 30999.00 oz it is too heavy.

If that is indeed true it would require level 1230 to carry such a heavy backpack. What hides in the backpack? Well, maybe we will find out in another 2 years or so?
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Congratulations TibiaWikia!

nils    (Nov 22 2014)      472          1844
Categories: News

Congratulations TibiaWikia, a promoted Tibia fansite that has been around for a decade now and is still going strong. It's one of the most important sources for Tibians in helping them pave their way in the game.
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Fansite Contest! Lore of the Jade Amulet (3rd - 17nd Feb)

nils    (Feb 01 2014)      492          2389
Categories: News, Fansite Contests

On February 3rd, TibiaHof will be starting their second contest: Lore of the Jade Amulet.

In this contest you will put together a background story on the official fansite item, the Jade Amulet.

On this page you can read the rules and ask questions.

On this page you can submit your story.

Contest Prizes:

1st Prize
  • Jade Amulet. jade_amulet_transparent.gif
  • Rune emblem of choice (see list here).
  • Golden trophy of excellence. Golden_Trophy_of_Excellence.gif
  • + a link to the Jade Amulet page with your story.
  • Fansite Contest Gold Badge

2nd Prize
  • Bronze Necklace. Bronze_Necklace.gif
  • Rune emblem of choice (see list here).
  • Silver trophy of excellence. Silver_Trophy_of_Excellence.gif
  • Fansite Contest Silver Badge
3rd Prize
  • One of the special amulets
    Terra_Amulet.gif (Terra Amulet)
    Magma_Amulet.gif (Magma Amulet)
    Lightning_Pendant.gif (Lightning Pendant)
    Glacier_Amulet.gif (Glacier Amulet)
  • Rune emblem of choice (see list here).
  • Bronze trophy of excellence.
  • Fansite Contest Bronze Badge
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Winter Update 2013 - 3rd teaser

nils    (Nov 21 2013)      481          2265
Categories: News

CipSoft released yet another teaser - of course, we got the pics ready for you right here.

(hover with mouse to preview, click to enlarge images)

"Terror Sleep"


"Sight of Surrender"


"Retching Horror"


"GuzzleMaw and FrazzleMaw"




"Shock Head"


"Demon Outcast"


"Choking Fear"


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Winter Update 2013 - 2nd teaser

nils    (Nov 19 2013)      478          1864
Categories: News

Here are a couple of more images from the upcoming winter update of 2013, this time for the second teaser.

(hover with mouse to preview, click to enlarge images)




"The Mines"




"Damaged Bridge"


Dream warden outfit

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Winter Update 2013

nils    (Nov 13 2013)      480          1924
Categories: News

Here are a couple of images from the upcoming winter update of 2013. Enjoy!

(hover with mouse to preview, click to enlarge images)

"Ruined House"


"Starting Area"


"The Giant Traverse"


"Ruined City"


"The Wall"


Conceptual Art


"Surreal Ruins"

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Fansite Item Contest! Oct. 1st - 31st

martin    (Sep 26 2013)      476          2313
Categories: News, Fansite Contests

TibiaHoF will be hosting its first competition from the 1st of October through the 31st 2013 at 11:59 PM CEST.

The competition for the official TibiaHoF fansite item contest has begun and you can head over to our forum to participate and chat with fellow tibians!

Rules and Questions forum thread

Submissions Thread


1st - The Fansite Item, Royal Medal Royal_Medal.gif, 30 days of premium time

2nd - Tome of choiceBlue_Tome.gifGreen_Tome.gifGrey_Tome.gifOR Nightmare Doll Nightmare_Doll.gif , Heavy MedalHeavy_Medal.gif, 30 days of premium time

3rd - Prize left from 2nd place, Hero's Medal Hero's_Medal.gif, 30 days of premium time
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New feature: Tabs and articles

nils    (Jul 14 2013)      469          1595
Categories: News

Today we are releasing the latest feature we've been working on: articles.

Content is now divided into tabs, at this moment we have two tabs: main content and one tab named "".

The "" tab contains the news ticker, featured article, and news articles from

Right now, this feature is at its beta stage. In the coming weeks we will add some more features to it, such as:
  • Being able to browse through articles and news tickers
  • A free-text search feature
  • Additional tabs with more content
  • A fast way to read official comments from community managers
  • ...and much more!

If you are having any trouble with the new features, or ideas for improvements, please let us know by sending an email to or visiting the feedback form.

That's all for now, take care until next time!
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