Fansite Item Contest! Oct. 1st - 31st

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TibiaHoF will be hosting its first competition from the 1st of October through the 31st 2013 at 11:59 PM CEST.

The competition for the official TibiaHoF fansite item contest has begun and you can head over to our forum to participate and chat with fellow tibians!

Rules and Questions forum thread

Submissions Thread


1st - The Fansite Item, Royal Medal Royal_Medal.gif, 30 days of premium time

2nd - Tome of choiceBlue_Tome.gifGreen_Tome.gifGrey_Tome.gifOR Nightmare Doll Nightmare_Doll.gif , Heavy MedalHeavy_Medal.gif, 30 days of premium time

3rd - Prize left from 2nd place, Hero's Medal Hero's_Medal.gif, 30 days of premium time

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    • Created: Sep 30 2013
    • By  nils  

    @Guest: thanks, and good to hear =)

    @Liz: The forum login is currently not fully connected to the tibiahof website login (i.e. My Pages), unfortunately. So you have to log in once into the forum and once into My Pages. You can log in to the forum with the same username and password as you would log in with to My Pages.

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    • Created: Sep 30 2013
    • By  Lizezzy

    Yep, forgot to login again! ;D
    When switching form forum to site and back, it logs out itself.

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    • Created: Sep 30 2013
    • By  Guest

    You finnally got a forum! :D
    I mean... great contest, ima take part for sure! :))

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