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Welcome to TibiaHof 3.0!

nils    (Aug 26 2014)      5          596
Categories: Updates

TibiaHof has now been upgraded to the new graphical interface.

Here’s a list of all relevant changes:

Major Changes

  • The entire look of the site has been redesigned to make it responsive to different screen dimensions. The website should look whether you're using a smart phone, tablet, or a high resolution screen.
  • Activity charts are slightly wider than before (about 100 pixels wider)
  • Google Ads have been completely removed.
  • The forum has been given a more central role and is now embedded into the website as any other content.
  • The start page now displays images and articles in a "flow fashion". So if a user uploads multiple images, they will be grouped together in one post. In the future we might also extend the flow with further content.

Minor Changes

  • Added missing mounts and outfits to My Pages.
  • Several parts of the website have been removed, such as Statistics, articles, Random images, RSS feeds, and more. Some of these might appear again in the future.
  • Removed beta status from Top Skills.

    So what do you like or not like about the new redesign? Let us know in the comments below or leave a comment in the feedback form.
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TibiaHof version 3.0 Teaser

nils    (Aug 22 2014)      0          473
Categories: Updates

Soon we will be releasing the upcoming TibiaHof version 3.0, which improves on version 2.0. The biggest change is a complete redesign to make the website look and feel better whether you're on your mobile phone, laptop or 22" screen at home.

Anyhow, here's an image showing what the website will look like once it's released.


We will soon announce a date when the update will take place.
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Some issues fix + TibiaHof 3.0 update

nils    (Aug 07 2014)      0          442
Categories: Updates

Today we have fixed two issues with the website:
  • Activities have not been updated regularly. This was fixed today.
  • There was also a performance issue with activities when clicking on 20 next activities, sometimes it would take up to 20-30 seconds to load. This performance issue has been fixed as well.

TibiaHof 3.0 update

We are at hard work on the upcoming update of TibiaHof, which will be completely redesigned to look better on all kind of devices, whether they be mobile phones, tablets, or high resolution devices.

The update is coming along neatly, I'd say about 70-80% of the new website has been finished. My best guess is that the new website will be released sometime in September.

We will be posting a teaser post once we get closer, until then, keep gaming ;)
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