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TibiaHof: into the future - version 3.0

nils    (Jun 24 2014)      476          1496
Categories: Updates

TibiaHof has grown a lot since it saw the world wide web in 2012. Currently we track over 45k characters adding up to over 1.7kk activities as well as 947 images, 875 tagged characters, 1k users, just to mention a few things.

Soon is the time for TibiaHof to take it to the next level, to move into the future, with the upcoming version 3.0 of the website.

The website will be completely redesigned to focus on the core functionalities we have to offer and get rid of some of the bloat.

Amongst some of the changes are:
  • Ads will be removed completely.
  • New graphical revamp to better adjust to different screen resolutions and give an overall more modernized and cleaner look.
  • Some functionality will be removed as we will focus more on the important features that makes TibiaHof great.
  • The forum will be more visible and easier to find.
  • Faster load times and more streamlined user experience.

This will mark the 2nd redesign. We have no words on exactly when the new version of the website will become available, but we will post more updates as we progress toward the future.
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