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Image of The Month - June

nils    (Jun 23 2013)      477          1391
Categories: Image of the Month

This months image is a beautiful Tibia fanart celebrating level 350, with what appears to be sea serpents and some really cool fractals in the background. Nice job!

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Some cool TibiaHoF fanart

nils    (Jun 22 2013)      474          1384
Categories: Updates

Oyutu, who previously created the guest logo of June, has created some new designs for the website. Check this out:


He also designed the new buttons in the navigation menu at the top of the page. Good work!
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21st Jun, 2013 - 5th Summer update teaser released

nils    (Jun 21 2013)      474          1484
Categories: News

In the newest teaser, reported that they will be updating the walk cycle of all outfits. A comparison:





The old animation consisted of 2 frames; the new walk cycles will consist of 8 frames.

They are planning to update the animation for monsters and mounts in future updates.

Also, the test server will be up some time after 27 of June.
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19th Jun, 2013 - 4th Summer update teaser released

nils    (Jun 19 2013)      486          1575
Categories: News

The fourth summer update teaser has been released and reveals some more new monsters that will be invading Ab'dendriel.




You can read the original teaser here.

The summer update is getting closer! See you on the test server, and don't forget to vote in our new poll ;)
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Guest logo of the month - June

nils    (Jun 14 2013)      471          1327
Categories: Updates

Oyutu has designed the current guest logo that will be displayed for some time. All thanks to Oyutu for creating this logo for the website.


Got any logos you want to see as guest logo on TibiaHoF? Send em to and you will be credited.
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12th June, 2013 - 3rd Summer update teaser released

nils    (Jun 12 2013)      481          1374
Categories: News

The 3rd teaser has been released for the upcoming summer update. It reveals a new look for the beloved city of Ab'dendriel. Here's a few screens:




You can read the teaser on this page.

Reminder: we will be casting once the summer update has been released, for more details, check this page.
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Interested in new hardcore pvp worlds Calva and Calvera?

nils    (Jun 08 2013)      486          1330
Categories: News

Are you interested in the new hardcore pvp worlds Calva and Calvera?

You can follow what's happening on these new worlds by checking out Tibiahof Activities: Calva here or Calvera here.
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Summer Update 2nd Teaser released!

nils    (Jun 04 2013)      484          1393
Categories: News

The 2nd summer update teaser has been released and reveals more of the hell that's brewing in Drefia.

Here are a few teaser images from the upcoming update:





If you want to find out more about the upcoming update, go to this page.
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Crimson Ray mount added

nils    (Jun 02 2013)      482          1415
Categories: Updates


Today we added the Crimson Ray mount to player profiles.

If you don't already have a profile for your player, be sure to create one today by registering an account! You can create a profile for your player with information about mounts, outfits/addons, skills, and more.

Not sold yet? Check this top ten list of reasons to join today.
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