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Happy holidays from TibiaHof!

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We wish you the best happy holidays with friends and family.

This year has been pretty slow for TibiaHof, nothing really new has popped up, we're still tracking the activities of players, currently there are over 5 500 000 activities we have tracked of 123 000 players since 2012. That's a lot :)

Next year we have planned a few things that could be of interest:

* In January we are releasing the article winners, losers, and the weirdest of 2017.
* Revamp the design a little and improve the mobile design.
* Move the website to another ISP provider
* Fix the issue with the tab on the startpage
* Better looking tooltips

Other than that the website remains the same.

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Winners, losers, and the weirdest of 2016: Part 2 - The weirdest

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Weirdest of 2016

Read part 1 (Winners and Losers of 2016) here.

Here at TibiaHof we not only celebrate winners and losers but also the peculiar, oddish, off the radar, weirdness, whatever you wanna call it, of the Tibian world. In part 2 we would like to feature the weirdest players of 2016. So let's get weird!

o.O o.O o.O Player who has changed sex the most o.O o.O o.O

This year's winner in the category of players who's had the most sex changes is Tysbruh@Yanara with a total of +12 sex changes in 2016.

However, the winner of 2014, Potrosh@Olympa, still remains the all time winner in this category with a total of +13 sex changes in a given year.

banner_own.png Player who has changed guild/guild rank most frequently banner_other.png

Some players just can't stick to one guild. They are free spirits in the Tibian world. The player that has changed guild/guild rank most frequently in 2016 is Javivi Burlao@Morta with a total of +27 guild changes. Javivi Burlao has been a member of a total of 12 guilds and has had 9 different ranks.

^^; ^^; ^^; Player who has moved worlds the most ^^; ^^; ^^;

Why stay in one world when you can examine a bunch of them? These nomads move from world to world. What are they looking for? Will they ever find what they're looking for? Well, ask Don Pa@Calmera who has moved between a total of +11 worlds in 2016, from Nerana -> Calmera -> Magera -> Menera -> Calmera -> Celesta -> Calmera -> Astera -> Calmera -> Honera -> Guardia -> Calmera.

Player who has changed vocation the most

The player that has changed vocation the most in 2016 is Ultis@Thera with a total of +15 vocation changes, alternating between Sorcerer and Master Sorcerer. Ultis' new year resolution should probably be to buy one year's premium, it will save him a lot of time and money! Just saying ;)

<3 <3 <3 Player who has married and divorced the most <3 <3 <3

For last we have saved the holy coupling between Tibians, in marriage. Except in this case it's not quite holy! Some players fall in and out of marriages...
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Winners, losers, and the weirdest of 2016: Part 1 - Winners and Losers

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2016 was quite an eventful year for Tibia! Players have reached new records and at least one player has reached the much sought-after level 1000.
Once again we'll have a look at the winners and losers of this year.

gold.gif Winners of 2016 gold.gif

Player with the highest level

The player that gathered the most levels so far is (unsurprisingly): Kharsek@Luminera, with the impressive level 1030. Kharsek has collected +125 during 2016.

:star: :star: :star: Players that have earned the most levels :star: :star: :star:

Our shooting stars of 2016 are no less than 3. The list below does NOT include deleted players. Here they are:

  • Wyh@Zeluna: +386 levels (from level 168 to 554)
  • Luke Senpai@Olympa: +367 levels (from level 318 to 704)
  • Furion Warchief@Premia: +346 levels (from level 6 to 352)

Level progression for players that have earned the most levels

Player with the highest achievement points

Firdeso@Secura almost came out from nowhere and now has all together 1011 achievement points.

Players who have collected the most achievement points

OK, so we know who has the most achievement points, but which players have collected the most this year? Well, it turns out to be...

Achievement Points progression for players who collected the most APs in 2016
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