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Test Server 2013

nils    (Jul 06 2013)      0          749
Categories: News

Private test servers have started and tutor and fansite representatives are currently testing the new features of the upcoming summer update.

For those still waiting for the public test server, we got a couple of pics of what we think are some of the more highlighted moments of the update. Read on!

Keep checking back as we will add more screenshots later.

This article contains spoilers from the test server from this point on!


Drefia has been redesigned and offers new quests, creatures, and hunting grounds.


What are these skeletons doing?


A fancy scorpion in the depths of Drefia.


Vampire Viscount with an AoE bat attack (???)


The new mount!



Ab'Dendriel has also received a new look and a few new forest critters.


Ab'Dendriel offers a new way to move around by using lifts.


The maze has also received some new looks.


Fury Gates

Fury Gates is a new hunting ground in Liberty Bay that holds some very dangerous spawns, such as Fury, Hellfire fighters, Dragonlings, Infernalists, and more.



This update also holds plenty of new raids, as well as old raids that we haven't seen in a while.

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21st Jun, 2013 - 5th Summer update teaser released

nils    (Jun 21 2013)      0          528
Categories: News

In the newest teaser, reported that they will be updating the walk cycle of all outfits. A comparison:





The old animation consisted of 2 frames; the new walk cycles will consist of 8 frames.

They are planning to update the animation for monsters and mounts in future updates.

Also, the test server will be up some time after 27 of June.
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19th Jun, 2013 - 4th Summer update teaser released

nils    (Jun 19 2013)      0          448
Categories: News

The fourth summer update teaser has been released and reveals some more new monsters that will be invading Ab'dendriel.




You can read the original teaser here.

The summer update is getting closer! See you on the test server, and don't forget to vote in our new poll ;)
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12th June, 2013 - 3rd Summer update teaser released

nils    (Jun 12 2013)      0          402
Categories: News

The 3rd teaser has been released for the upcoming summer update. It reveals a new look for the beloved city of Ab'dendriel. Here's a few screens:




You can read the teaser on this page.

Reminder: we will be casting once the summer update has been released, for more details, check this page.
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Interested in new hardcore pvp worlds Calva and Calvera?

nils    (Jun 08 2013)      0          301
Categories: News

Are you interested in the new hardcore pvp worlds Calva and Calvera?

You can follow what's happening on these new worlds by checking out Tibiahof Activities: Calva here or Calvera here.
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Summer Update 2nd Teaser released!

nils    (Jun 04 2013)      0          358
Categories: News

The 2nd summer update teaser has been released and reveals more of the hell that's brewing in Drefia.

Here are a few teaser images from the upcoming update:





If you want to find out more about the upcoming update, go to this page.
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May 29th 2013 - Summer Update Teaser!

Death Eater    (May 30 2013)      0          400
Categories: News

The first summer teaser has finally been released! Cipsoft has confirmed this time they will be releasing this update in two different parts. The first one will consist of adjustments to content already in-game. The second will be new features and all the goodies to be implemented with this update!

Want to know more? Look here.

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May 14th 2013 - Create Your Own NPC!

Death Eater    (May 15 2013)      0          340
Categories: News

Calling all storytellers! Are you creative? Have you always thought about what it would be like to create your own NPC? If so, then the Customer Support Team have a contest that is perfect for you! With the upcoming Summer Update a storyteller NPC will be coming to the Tibian lands. What is this NPC's gender, name, appearance and dialogue you ask? That's for you to decide! You have until May 28th 2013 at 15:00 CEST to submit your NPC's on, those that stand out will be handed over to the content team who will vote on which entry is their favourite! The winner will receive a CM token and 360 days or premium!

Best of luck,

Tibiahof Team
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Double XP and Double Skill Time

martin    (Apr 17 2013)      0          314
Categories: News

After some time of DDoS Attacks on the tibian servers, Cipsoft will be giving us 10 days of double experience and skills (Starting April 20th to 30th). This means preview worlds will have (3x) experience and NOT 4x or 6x as speculated.

We wish you all some happy and very safe hunting!

WARNING: Remember to stay healthy while playing for long periods of time!
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Masquerade Day!

martin    (Feb 01 2013)      0          430
Categories: News

It's February and Stan is back in town for Masquerade Day!
You can visit him in the Venore 'Dress for Sucess Warehouse' go on and become part of the carnival fun!

Note: Stan is NOT held responsible for any damages or death caused by becoming a very commonly hunted creature.

During this time you may earn the achievement Masquerader by
using 100 of any kind of costume bag
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