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Tibia Hall of Fame is a supported Tibia fansite where you can upload images, follow your characters history, check out highscores, create albums, and much more. Here's a few features that we are proud to present on our website:
  • Upload Images - You can upload images and tag characters in your uploaded image. Uploading is available for both free and registered users. Tagged characters will be added to our Player database.
  • Character Activity - Here at we track over 13k players. All the history of these characters are saved, such as gained levels, achievement points, change of guild, and so on. You can also search for characters, guilds, parties, and much more!
  • Fast Levels - Who is currently the fastest at gaining levels or achievement points? Find out at this page!
  • Register User - You can create a new user, which gives you a wide array of new options to the website, such as adding mounts, outfits, and addons to your character profile, create image albums, and much more
  • Albums - If you are a registered user you can create albums and add images to it.
  • Top Levels - Who are the top levels and at what rate are they gaining levels?

TibiaHoF is currently available in english and swedish; more languages will be added in the future.

If you run into any errors or problem with the website, be sure to visit our feedback form, we would be very grateful for any information + we can quickly fix any bugs that are reported to give a better user experience.

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