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What are Badges?

A badge is a proof that you as a Tibian player and TibiaHof user has achieved greatness - whether it be winning in one of our contests, achieving status on the site, being in the highscores, etc.

What do they look like?

The badge is a 32x32px image icon. Each badge image is unique and is displayed on several places on the site; such as on your personal profile, forum posts, community pages, and more.

Badges looks like this:


Only five badges can be displayed at each time. For example, up to 5 badges will be displayed on your user profile.

How do I mine a badge???

By the end of every month we create badges that we distribute to users, as well as announce it in a news article. We only generate a limited amount of badges at a monthly rate, usually 5-10 badges.

You are most likely to gain badges the more active you are in the community.

What kind of Badges are there?

There are basically five types of badges:
  • Super Rare - only one badge of this kind exists
  • Rare - 2 to 9 badges exist of this kind.
  • Semi-Common - 10 to 29 badges exist of this kind
  • Common - 30 to 49 badges exist of this kind
  • Very Common - 50+ badges exist of this kind


The three winners of the fansite item competition will win one badge each:


Each such badge is Super Rare, i.e. they are unique and thus there is only 1 of its kind.

Check out a list of all badges here.

You can always find a list of all badges if you go to Community > Badges.


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