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29 Sep, 2012 - Updates, Activity Beta label removed, and more

nils    (Sep 29 2012)      0          327
Categories: Updates

Good day, Tibians!

I hope you are having a great weekend.

This update brings a few modifications to activities, profiles, and more:
  • The Beta label has been removed from Activities
  • COTW now displays the name of the user that has added that COTW
  • Did you forget your Tibia Hall of Fame username? No problem. Now you can reclaim it by going to this page.
  • Ugly links (such as 5066c73af2bb2.jpg) have been fully replaced by pretty links given that the image has been uploaded by a registered user (i.e. not a guest user)
  • Over 1000 characters have been added to our local character database
  • Fixed a few minor bugs (e.g. characters with special characters in their name, such as ', will be displayed correctly in activities)

If you are having any trouble with the new features, please let us know by sending an email to or by visiting the feedback form.

Various scripts have been modified. If the website doesn't seem to work correctly, try to update it by pressing Ctrl+R.

So what's in store for the future of the website? There is still a lot of job to be done, but each week the website itself becomes more and more complete. We are happy to announce that the beta label has been removed from activities, which means that it has been fully developed and should work without any problems.

In the coming weeks there will be some new features added related to activities. We will also improve parts of the website that are not visible to the end user, but which are very important to do right, such as updating and deleting players from our local character database in an efficient way.

That's all for now. Take care all!
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22 Sep, 2012 - Introducing Activity Progression Charts and Minor Fixes

nils    (Sep 22 2012)      0          355
Categories: Updates

The last week has been busy, so not a lot of new stuff going on. However, Character Activity has been extended to support Activity Progression Charts, and some minor fixes has been implemented as well.

Activity Progression Chart

With Activity Progression Charts you can keep track of the progression in terms of levels and achievement points of individual characters, over a period of time. It's very simple: each activity keeps a link to the type of progression. If you click it, the chart will be loaded and displayed in place.

Minor Fixes

To end this feature update, we will list some minor fixes to the website:
  • Added a few search options to activities, such as limiting search to only deleted players, limiting search to only FACC or PACC players, and so on. Have a look!
  • Removed category Other from images (existing images with this category will no longer have a category)
  • Fixed several minor bugs

End of Character Activity Beta?

Character Activity is getting more mature by the day, and there are currently no plans to further extend activities as such. By next week we hope to remove the beta label from activities (there is still a lot of testing to be done, but other than that activities works as expected).

That is all for now.
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15 Sep, 2012 - Updates

nils    (Sep 15 2012)      0          335
Categories: Updates

Good day, fellow Tibians!

This update brings a few modifications to activities, profiles, and more
  • You can now generate so called Activity Links. Do so by adding search filter, choosing search method, filling in details, and pressing the checkbox with the text Get Activity Link. Check it out here!
  • Most Recent Comments are now shown on user profiles (only comments made by that specific user will be displayed)
  • Removed column Created from Oldest Characters to avoid confusion
  • Added a new image category IRL Pics which allows you to upload images of yourself as well as tag your character in that image (as long as you are the true owner of that character). Terms of Use has been updated to reflect these changes.
  • The amount of characters tracked by is now displayed above the logo, next to the amount of images uploaded
  • Fixed minor bugs (e.g. it's now possible to tag 20 characters in an image as opposed to only 19)

If you are having any trouble with the new features, please let us know by sending an email to or by visiting the feedback form.

We will be bringing you more features soon.
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01 Sep, 2012 - Updates

nils    (Sep 01 2012)      0          344
Categories: Updates

Hello fellow Tibians!

This update brings you a mixed variety of new features and fixes to the website. These are as following:
  • Added new page to Characters: Oldest Characters, showing the characters who has existed for the longest time
  • Character Profiles have also been modified to show the age of the account that owns that player
  • Titles in images have been modified to not allow certain characters. These characters are -._~. Existing images have been modified to exclude these characters in the titles. These characters are still allowed in descriptions
  • In the upper right corner, next to Time left to Server Save, you will be able to view how many images have been uploaded on the site as well as how many character taggings have been made
  • Motivations are now displayed for Earlier COTW. To view a motivation, simply press the Toggle Motivation link
  • Advanced Image Search results are now highlighted in green the same way it is in regular search
  • Translated Activity pages and Advanced Image Search into swedish
  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements to the design (for example, search buttons have changed look)

If you are having any trouble with the new features, please let us know by sending an email to or visiting the feedback form.

We will be bringing you more features soon.
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New Features: Advanced Search, RSS Feeds, Pretty Links, and more

nils    (Aug 26 2012)      0          395
Categories: Updates

The past week we have implemented some new features to the website. These are listed below.

Advanced Image Search

With Advanced Image Search you can customize your searches to better find images that fit your needs. Advanced Image Search allows you to make a search based on searchwords, characters, categories, and sort it by what suits you best. Try it out here.

RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds is a way to keep you updated on new content created on the site. You can subscribe to any feed you want. On our site you will find images that look like this:


If you click it you will be able to subscribe to that feed. Current feeds are: Most Recent Images, Most Recent Albums, and Most Recent Character Activity.

Pretty Links

So, what's a pretty link? Well, let me explain it for you.

On our site we have images that have names like 5033026ec7886.png. These look ugly and doesn't contain any information about the image itself. This is fixed by pretty links.

Let's say your username is John and you have an image with the title "My Image". The ugly link would be:

with pretty links, the new link would be:
/myimage/John/My Image.png

Looks much better, doesn't it? Pretty Links only works for images that have been uploaded by registered users.

Minor Fixes

To end this feature update, we will list some minor fixes to the website:
  • Search results (on images, albums, characters, and users) are now paginated
  • Character Profiles now show additional information, such as guild membership, account status, and more
  • Increased maximum allowed length of image title and description from 50 to 70 for titles and 200 to 500 for descriptions
  • Fixed some minor bugs
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20 Aug, 2012 - Updates

nils    (Aug 20 2012)      0          345
Categories: Updates

Hello everybody!

This update brings a couple of new features that makes it easier for you to maintain and update your characters associated with your account. The updates are as following:
  • Albums have been improved to look and feel better. Give it a try!
  • Added category Photoshopped to images
  • An "Edit this image" link is now displayed on all images given that you are the owner of that image and you are logged into your account
  • You may now change your characters skills by additional plus and minus buttons on the characters profile. Press miniature-plus.png to increase a skill and miniature-minus.png to decrease a skill.
  • You may now also add/remove addons to/from your character by going into your characters profile, pressing Toggle Outfits, and clicking the addon image to change it
  • Fixed some minor bugs
If you are having any trouble with the new features, please let us know by sending an email to or visiting the feedback form.

We will be bringing you more features soon.
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10 Aug, 2012 - Updates

nils    (Aug 10 2012)      0          383
Categories: Updates

Here are the most important recent updates to the website:
  • Added a link to the image being commented on in the Most Recent Comments on "My Uploaded Images" section displayed in My Pages start page
  • Added Time left until next Server Save in the top nav
  • Added Character Suggestion to player name search on Character Activities
  • When searching on tagged characters in images, you no longer have to search on full names. E.g. searching on "Rej" will find all images that are tagged with characters with the word sequence "Rej" in it.
  • Added recent activity to character profiles
  • Replaced Most Viewed Characters with Most Recent Character Activity on start page
  • Added a few translations, fixed some minor bugs and fixed some typos
Coming updates will include improvements to the character activity, as well as a complete redesign of albums.

Update 12 Aug, 2012: Added support to search by party. A party is a search on multiple characters which can be saved and used later on. If you want to search by a party, you need a Tibia Hall of Fame account.
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Introducing Character Activity!

nils    (Aug 06 2012)      0          381
Categories: Updates

Character Activity is a new feature on TibiaHof that keeps you up to date on how other Tibians are progressing through the game.

On Character Activity you can view how many levels a character has gained/lost, how many achievement points a character has gained, if a character has changed world/residence, and much more. Have a look yourself by going to this page.

You can also search activities. You can do so by clicking the Add Search Filter button. You can choose from two filters at the moment:
  • Free Search: Lets you search on specific level ranges, specific game worlds, vocations, and guild rank/name
  • Search by Name: Lets you search on a specific character

In upcoming updates you will also be able to create groups of characters and search by those specific groups.

Note that this feature is still in beta and we are working daily to further improve it. Any feedback is appreciated, which you can leave on this page.

In you want to have your character tracked in Character Activity, it must be tagged in at least one image. You can upload your images and tag your characters here.

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01 Aug, 2012 - Updates

nils    (Aug 01 2012)      0          350
Categories: Updates

Here's a list of the most recent changes to the website:
  • Terms of Use has been updated to reflect recent changes to the website
  • Added comment preview to images
  • Added support to creating an album on a specific image
  • Character Suggestions on Upload Images has been improved and should now work as intended
  • Redesigned navigation menu as well as ads
  • Added Most Recent Comments on Your Images to My Pages start page
  • Added Most Commented Images
  • Fixed a few translations and typos

In the coming weeks we will be bringing you some new features to the website that are primarily focused on Tibia characters. We will reveal more as these new features takes shape. You can expect that and much more to come!
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19 Jul, 2012 - Updates

nils    (Jul 19 2012)      0          350
Categories: Updates

Here's a sum up of most recent changes to the website:
  • Added category Fanart to images
  • Categories are now sorted alphabetically (with the exception of categories Fanart and Other, which are sorted to the end)
  • If no COTW has been created, it will instead show the most recent one
  • If you associate an account with a character that has no outfits, the basic outfits will be generated for that character
  • Added some missing translations
  • If you change language you are now redirected to the page you were on, instead of being redirected to the start page
  • Fixed a problem with some uploaded images thumbnails converted incorrectly into black squares
  • Fixed some minor bugs
If you notice any problems with the website, we would appreciate if you let us know by emailing us at, or sending a message via the feedback form.
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