Introducing Character Activity!

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Character Activity is a new feature on TibiaHof that keeps you up to date on how other Tibians are progressing through the game.

On Character Activity you can view how many levels a character has gained/lost, how many achievement points a character has gained, if a character has changed world/residence, and much more. Have a look yourself by going to this page.

You can also search activities. You can do so by clicking the Add Search Filter button. You can choose from two filters at the moment:
  • Free Search: Lets you search on specific level ranges, specific game worlds, vocations, and guild rank/name
  • Search by Name: Lets you search on a specific character

In upcoming updates you will also be able to create groups of characters and search by those specific groups.

Note that this feature is still in beta and we are working daily to further improve it. Any feedback is appreciated, which you can leave on this page.

In you want to have your character tracked in Character Activity, it must be tagged in at least one image. You can upload your images and tag your characters here.

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