New Features: Advanced Search, RSS Feeds, Pretty Links, and more

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The past week we have implemented some new features to the website. These are listed below.

Advanced Image Search

With Advanced Image Search you can customize your searches to better find images that fit your needs. Advanced Image Search allows you to make a search based on searchwords, characters, categories, and sort it by what suits you best. Try it out here.

RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds is a way to keep you updated on new content created on the site. You can subscribe to any feed you want. On our site you will find images that look like this:


If you click it you will be able to subscribe to that feed. Current feeds are: Most Recent Images, Most Recent Albums, and Most Recent Character Activity.

Pretty Links

So, what's a pretty link? Well, let me explain it for you.

On our site we have images that have names like 5033026ec7886.png. These look ugly and doesn't contain any information about the image itself. This is fixed by pretty links.

Let's say your username is John and you have an image with the title "My Image". The ugly link would be:

with pretty links, the new link would be:
/myimage/John/My Image.png

Looks much better, doesn't it? Pretty Links only works for images that have been uploaded by registered users.

Minor Fixes

To end this feature update, we will list some minor fixes to the website:
  • Search results (on images, albums, characters, and users) are now paginated
  • Character Profiles now show additional information, such as guild membership, account status, and more
  • Increased maximum allowed length of image title and description from 50 to 70 for titles and 200 to 500 for descriptions
  • Fixed some minor bugs

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