10 Aug, 2012 - Updates

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Here are the most important recent updates to the website:
  • Added a link to the image being commented on in the Most Recent Comments on "My Uploaded Images" section displayed in My Pages start page
  • Added Time left until next Server Save in the top nav
  • Added Character Suggestion to player name search on Character Activities
  • When searching on tagged characters in images, you no longer have to search on full names. E.g. searching on "Rej" will find all images that are tagged with characters with the word sequence "Rej" in it.
  • Added recent activity to character profiles
  • Replaced Most Viewed Characters with Most Recent Character Activity on start page
  • Added a few translations, fixed some minor bugs and fixed some typos
Coming updates will include improvements to the character activity, as well as a complete redesign of albums.

Update 12 Aug, 2012: Added support to search by party. A party is a search on multiple characters which can be saved and used later on. If you want to search by a party, you need a Tibia Hall of Fame account.

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