Winners, losers, and the weirdest of 2014: Part 1 - Winners and Losers

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So, who are the winners and losers of 2014? Or even the "weirdest" players of 2014?

In this article series we will find out just that. Keep reading!

gold.gif Winners of 2014 gold.gif

Player with the highest level

The player that garnered the most levels so far is (unsurprisingly): Kharsek@Pacera, with the astounding level 815! If this player keeps up the pace, we will see at least level 900 some time next year!

Players that have earned the most levels

Our shooting stars of 2014 are no less than 3, including:

  • Elruh@Olympa: +254 levels (from level 198 to 452)
  • Mister Jinks@Inferna: +253 levels (from level 161 to 414)
  • Aght Terina@Magera: +238 levels (from level 220 to 458)

Level progression for players that have earned the most levels

Player with the highest achievement points

Zorebex@Magera almost came out from nowhere and now has all together 887 achievement points.

Players who have collected the most achievement points

OK, so we know who has the most achievement points, but which players have collected the most this year? Well, it turns out to be...

Hmm, looks like Zorebex has some more competition in 2015!

Achievement Points progression for players who collected the most APs in 2014

Losers of 2014

Not everyone is a winner and some lose more than others do. Here are the players that drew the shortest straws.

Player who has lost the most levels

Hopzin@Amera has lost 466 levels (from 531 to 60) during 2014. Better luck in 2015!

Player who has died the most

Ivanzeera Cross@Elera has died a total of 1145 times (!) during 2014. Rooking is a bitch, ain't it?

Players who have lost the most levels in 2014

Part 2: The weirdest

In part 2 we will look at some of the more weirdest players of 2014 and what they have accomplished. Click here to read Part 2.

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