TibiaHof 3.1: Death activities + Performance fixes

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We are now introducing the patched up version of TibiaHof: TibiaHof 3.1!

In this version we have added a new type of activity, fixed some performance issues, and more!

Death activities

We are introducing a new type of activity: Death activity.

In this kind of activity, you can view all deaths of a specific character, as well as what creature/player who killed the player the most.

You can search by death activity by picking Search By Name from the search filters and pick Deaths from view activity by. Here's what it looks like:


You can view activities here.

Performance Fixes

We have also fixed some performance issues regarding Most Deaths. The page now loads up to 7 times faster than before!

Minor Fixes

Other than that we have also adjusted several parts of the website, including:

  • The navigation menu has been modified: we added a Forum button as well as moved Most Deaths to the Characters menu. The menu has also been moved to the left and the text is slightly smaller.
  • Fixed several bugs with 20 next activities, including a performance loading fix.

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    • Created: Sep 15 2014
    • By  nils  

    Guest wrote: Grtz! Good job!
    When will you return with tickers and news from the official site in real time?

    It is scheduled to be released in the next patch - TibiaHof 3.2.

    It's hard to say when that will be, since I code in my spare time, which is not a lot. Could be weeks, could be months. Check back once in a while, might be your lucky day ;)

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    • Created: Sep 15 2014
    • By  Guest

    Grtz! Good job!
    When will you return with tickers and news from the official site in real time?

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