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Ghastly Dragon is the perfect monster for paladins: great loot, weak to physical/holy, drops soul orbs (which can be exchanged for infernal bolts), runs around fire walls, and much more.

In this article we'll detail the hunting of ghastly dragons: how profitable is it really to hunt it? What are the best tactics? When can one start to hunt it? These questions and many more will be answered here.

Also note, that this article is primarily written for royal paladins. The recorded hunts have been done on a level 230~ RP with 111 distance fighting and 93 shielding, however, these statistics shouldn't be very different for a level 100 something RP.

A recipe for success

Ghastly Dragons' natural habitat is in Zao, more specifically, the Zao Ghastly Dragon Cave. In order to get access to this place, the player has to finish WOTE mission 1.

So, what kind of supplies do you need? For a 2 hour solo session you'll need the following items:
  • 2k crystalline arrows or prismatic bolts (40k)
  • 400 - 550 SMP (32-44k)
  • 70 Fire walls (~4k)
  • 30 Flasks of Rust Removers (~1.8k)
  • Magic Walls (not necessary, but good to have)
  • Soft Boots (~5k)
  • Life Rings/Ring of Healing (5-10k)

This all adds up to around 90k in supplies.


A few combat strategies are necessary when fighting ghastlies.
  • You need to be at least level 80 so you can purchase Cure Curse (exana mort). This is a life saver and what makes ghastlies mainly hunted by paladins. Remember though, one ghastly can easily combo you at this level, so be careful, or wait until you're around level 120+ before you go against these beasts.
  • Ghastlys run around fire walls, so be sure to throw walls at places which forces the ghastly to walk diagonally. This will considerably slow down their attacks. Look at some of the images here for good places to throw fire walls.
  • The way to the cave is paved with soul eaters, mutated rats, mutated bats, and a few blobs. You can easily get surrounded on your way there, so be sure to run there with full health/mana and be quick to heal paralyze. Set marks at the Ghastly Dragon cave so you can mapwalk your way there.
  • Bring a few magic walls. Other players can teleport you back to temple.
  • The cave can sometimes get a little congested, with more than 4+ players it's very hard to find something to kill. And many players regard the cave as a public spawn.
  • The cave contains a total of 12 ghastly dragons and if you are careful you will rarely have to fight more than 1 or 2 ghastly dragons.

Profit, Profit, Profit!

Alas, we come to the big question: how profitable is the ghastly dragon hunt? In our statistics we have killed around 3.2k ghastly dragons in 25 hunts. Here is the profitability:
  • Profit Per kill: 1 470
  • Profit Per hour: 92 100
  • Monthly Profit: 5 706 000
  • Highest Waste: +120 600 (!)
  • Highest Hourly Profit: 142 000
  • Average Hourly Profit: 95 100


As you can see, even the highest waste we had was still profit over 100k! The profit over time was also very stable.

The profit listed above does not take into consideration boss loot, only the ghastly dragons killed. So the overall profit is somewhat higher if you include boss loot.

Comparison with other creatures

If you compare ghastly dragons to other creatures, ghastlies are probably the most profitable monsters to paladins (even though draken abominations have better over all loot). Monsters that are almost as profitable are Destroyers, Draken Elites, and Dark Torturers.

Grizzly Adams 500 Task

The task of killing 500 ghastly dragons is highly recommended to royal paladins, as it's very profitable and grants access to the boss Ethershreck, who drops good loot (sometimes Golden Can of Oil). If you have solo access to the cave you will have around 60 kills per hour, which means you can finish the task in about 8 hours.

So what about experience?

Ghastly Dragons are mainly meant to be hunted for profit. The experience, however, is decent; landing at around 460-540k/h with bonus stamina.

That's all for now. If you have any questions or comments regarding ghastly dragons, be sure to leave them in the comments below.

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    • Created: Jan 31 2014
    • By  nils  

    Hello, I guess it depends on which world you hunt in. Ghastly cave is always the best alternative given that there's not a lot of people hunting there. If your world is over-crowded, you should probably seek out to other spawns, such as WOTE or the Zao palace. I try to stick to the cave if possible.

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    • Created: Jan 30 2014
    • By  Guest

    Hi there! like that guy has said, this cave is always taken and full of people, have you hunted at the Zao palace?
    how was your experience is it better or worst than this spot?
    'Coz I'd like to hunt there,regardless I know it's a long way to get into it.

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    • Created: Jul 07 2013
    • By  Guest

    Amazing guide.. congratulations!

    I hava a 180 rp and I'll try to hunt them, that cave's a gold mine for pally's, but i know that the cave always is taken :S.

    Thanks for the guide!

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