• Behemoth Loot Vinera

    • Published by: masterdrruiid
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    Used 900 sd's, 100 ava, and about 280 great manas the hunt wasn't going so well until i had about 300 sd runes left XD than it went crazy before this point all i has was 1 gs and trophy

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    • Created: Jan 29 2015
    • By  Guest

    so nao sei como tu tem cap pra isso

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    • Created: May 16 2013
    • By  zmutzig

    its accualy just waste to sds here for a mage :) go to forbidden islands or jump on on the sides and ava ^^

    but gz loot ;P

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  • Congratz! Yo tambien soy de vinera, saludos (;

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