• Dat Boar!

    • Published by: martin
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    Finally adquired this mount (after trying for a couple of weeks on release and being frustrated) =D

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    • Created: Feb 01 2013
    • By  martin  

    Thats sucks! :( i for some reason get very lucky in mounts...even though i havent tried to get the scorpion or those really expensive mounts yet but someday! and better lucky =) thanks!

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    • Created: Jan 31 2013
    • By  Lizezzy

    ~ envy ~
    I broke my item and havent found newone on sale ever since! :(

    One of 3 mounts im still missing.. X_X

    Thanks for comment btw! :)


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    • Created: Jan 24 2013
    • By  martin  

    True! but its a symbol of the friendshi simba had with pumpa which is part of lion king! and the lion king at the beggining is Mufasa! :D XD

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    • Created: Jan 23 2013
    • By  nils  

    haha too bad wild boar is the ugliest mount ever ;D

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