• Maxilla Maximus loot

    • Published by: martin
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    Checking for the undead cavebear to tame with my music box when suddenly a maxilla! :D

    Epic Loot

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    • Created: Jan 29 2013
    • By  Gill

    haha nice, hunted there aswell but never looted it :(

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    • Created: Nov 02 2012
    • By  martin  

    My friend that really wants the item/mount told me this seconds before i killed it xD

    02:18 Rah the reaper [158]: dude
    02:18 Rah the reaper [158]: do u mind if i kill u?
    02:18 Loot of a lich: 7 gold coins, a maxilla maximus


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    • Created: Nov 01 2012
    • By  nils  

    lol ohmagawd :D that's so random xD

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