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Happy holidays from TibiaHof!

nils    (Dec 22 2017)      0          619
Categories: Updates

We wish you the best happy holidays with friends and family.

This year has been pretty slow for TibiaHof, nothing really new has popped up, we're still tracking the activities of players, currently there are over 5 500 000 activities we have tracked of 123 000 players since 2012. That's a lot :)

Next year we have planned a few things that could be of interest:

* In January we are releasing the article winners, losers, and the weirdest of 2017.
* Revamp the design a little and improve the mobile design.
* Move the website to another ISP provider
* Fix the issue with the tab on the startpage
* Better looking tooltips

Other than that the website remains the same.

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